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Book Chapters

Emre Kusakci, Ahmet Yildiz. Methods in Molecular Biology (2023).


Takashi Ishikawa, Ahmet Yildiz. Encyclopedia of Cell Biology, 2 nd Edition (2023).

Mechanics of Dynein Motility

Ahmet Yildiz. Handbook of Dyneins 2nd Edition, edited by K. Hirose and L. Amos (2019).

Multicolor Tracking of Molecular Motors at Nanometer Resolution

Sara M. Wichner, Ahmet Yildiz. Molecular Motors, Methods in Molecular Biology, edited by C Lavelle (2018). 

Single Molecule Mechanics of Dynein in vitro

Ahmet Yildiz. Dyneins 2nd Edition, edited by S. King (2017).

Studying the Mechanochemistry of Processive Cytoskeletal Motors with an Optical Trap

Vladislav Belyy and Ahmet Yildiz. Single-Molecule Enzymology, edited by Y. Chemla and M. Spies. Methods in Enzymology, 582: 31-54 (2017).

Measurement of Force-Dependent Release Rates of Cytoskeletal Motors

Sinan Can, Ahmet Yildiz. Optical Tweezers: Methods and Protocols, edited by A Gennerich. Methods in Molecular Biology 1486: 469-481 (2017). 


Caroline A. Cypranowska, Ahmet Yildiz, and Takashi Ishikawa. Encyclopedia of Cell Biology, edited by Ralph Bradshaw and Philip Stahl (2016).

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy

Yildiz, A., Vale, R.D. Cold Spring Harb. Protoc. 9 (2015).

Tracking movements of the microtubule motors kinesin and dynein using total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy

Yildiz, A., Vale, R.D. Cold Spring Harb. Protoc. 9 (2015).

Fluorescence Tracking of Motor Proteins In Vitro

Mark DeWitt, Thomas Schenkel, Ahmet Yildiz. Fluorescent Methods for Molecular Motors, Experientia Supplementum 105: 211-234 (2014).

Single Molecule Fluorescence Tracking

Ahmet Yildiz. Handbook of Single-Molecule Biophysics (2010).

Total Internal Reflection Microscopy

Ahmet Yildiz. Imaging Manual, Cold Spring Harbor Press (2010).

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